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Tarot horoscope for week: Zodiac signs to expect happiness and misfortune

Tarot horoscope for week: Zodiac signs to expect happiness and misfortune Who will be lucky this week (photo from

The new week from March 11 to 17 will bring great luck to some zodiac signs, but others may not be so fortunate. Tarot cards promise busy days with plenty of events.

Hindustan Times tells what awaits specifically you.


You are in for a productive week. In addition to success at work, you may meet an important person. This could lead to the beginning of an old friendship. However, be attentive to your health, and nutrition, and avoid excessive stress.

Don't be afraid to take on new projects; act actively. Be prepared for changes, believe in yourself, and don't shy away from challenges. You are capable of a lot.


Take advantage of favorable opportunities; success awaits you in love, work, and finances. Most importantly, be patient with your loved one and cautious in new business relationships.

Don't refuse to work overtime; the reward will be generous. And if someone starts arguing or competing with you, try not to react. Be above all scandals and relationship clarifications.


The new week will bring you something incredible. You will meet a person who will become the love of your life. If you have already found your partner, the new acquaintance will become a good friend or a reliable ally at work.

Embark on a journey and make sure to find time to relax. Optimizing your schedule and delegating some responsibilities to others will help you with this.


Success in your career awaits you. Plan your budget confidently and start thinking about a new life. You will be able to improve the situation around you or even dare to make a major purchase.

Be prepared for compromises in your family and maintain vigilance in romantic relationships. Profit should not go to your head. Remember what's important - love and honesty.


This week will be challenging. You will be able to prove your independence, but it won't be easy. However, after this, you will enjoy success and quickly forget about the problems.

Watch your diet and take care of your body. Preserve your health and don't take risks for the sake of adventures. Also, try to smooth out the rough edges in your relationship with your loved one.


Maintain a positive attitude; you will easily cope with stress. There's no need to worry; all problems will be minor and won't harm you.

However, be cautious with people who flatter you. Divide everything in two and listen to the advice of an old friend. A wise person will help you avoid mistakes.


Optimism and confidence are your keys to success this week. Don't give up and keep moving forward. A significant breakthrough awaits you; it's crucial not to stop just one step away from it.

Additionally, you will be pleasantly surprised by new acquaintances. Listen more and speak a little less, keep your secrets to yourself. What you will be told will turn out to be very valuable information.


This week you will hit the jackpot. A windfall of money will be a pleasant and very important surprise for you. Spend it wisely, but don't hesitate to treat yourself and pursue your dreams.

Positive changes will help you forget the bad. Invite your significant other on a trip or organize a spontaneous dinner where you can invite your best friends.


Be open to everything new. Try everything that interests you. If you are offered a new job or invited to visit another city, don't refuse immediately, think it over.

Lead an active lifestyle, and eat healthy foods. You can also sign up for courses or find a new hobby.


Harmony and satisfaction will characterize this week for you. You will be able to create a joyful atmosphere at home. However, be careful with romantic relationships at work, an office romance will be very risky.

In addition, dedicate time to matters you have stubbornly ignored. Perhaps it's worth having a heart-to-heart with someone you have offended.


Keep calm and be prepared for unexpected news from distant relatives. Your leadership qualities will help you overcome difficulties. Also, you will be able to take successful risks, the main thing is to think everything through in advance.

Start moving towards your dream, dare to do something global. Changes may also affect your home, perhaps you will have to start repairs.


New opportunities will open up for you. Don't lose your determination and be persistent. It's also worth taking a break from the routine and coming up with something interesting.

Be careful with major purchases. Avoid impulsive actions. Listen to what your family advises.

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