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Tarot horoscope for week

Tarot horoscope for week What the new week has in store (illustration:

The new week, from April 29th to May 5th, may surprise representatives of some zodiac signs. However, not everyone will be lucky. Some will rejoice at wonderful changes, while others risk losing everything and hitting rock bottom.

What does the Tarot horoscope promise for the week, according to Hindustan Times.


You have a successful week ahead. Your original ideas will be noticed and highly appreciated. New opportunities coming your way could lead to a career breakthrough.

You will also be able to earn well. However, by the end of the week, you may feel tired. The tarot cards advise you to conserve your energy and not try to do everything at once. Don't rush; you'll have time to do everything without unnecessary fuss.


You will be able to enjoy yourself and have fun but don't forget about your main goal. You will have a chance to achieve what you desire; it's important to start working on it promptly. Also, good news awaits you - someone in your family will pleasantly surprise you.

Be careful with hasty decisions. Analyze all the information and don't rush to believe those who try to persuade you. Weigh all the pros and cons, and don't hesitate to ask for advice.


Try to save money. You won't face any problems, but unnecessary expenses can lead to trouble, so keep that in mind. The tarot cards promise you a week of trials and temptations.

Don't give in to instant desires, and also control your emotions when talking to colleagues and friends. Don't lash out at those who don't deserve it. Sometimes it's worth keeping silent.


This week, you should communicate more with people. Spend time with friends, don't forget to discuss plans with colleagues, and share your thoughts with those you love.

Watch your belongings and don't leave them unattended. You might lose something, but avoiding problems is easy - just stay vigilant. Otherwise, you won't face any troubles.


You can expect an unexpected gain. Most likely, you will be rewarded for something you did in the past and have already forgotten about. There's no need to downplay your achievements; accept the praise, but don't get carried away.

The tarot cards suggest that you should take a break soon and rest a bit. And if you are invited for a walk or a trip - agree, as you will have a lot of pleasant experiences.


In the coming days, you may dare to do something very bold. Talk about your feelings, confess your love, or voice your dissatisfaction with your boss. You have every chance of success; you will be heard and understood.

Don't be afraid of changes and follow your heart. Regain your belief in miracles and don't doubt that you deserve happiness. Once you start thinking positively, you will receive a surprise.


You will be able to succeed, but not without the help of influential people. And if you ask for help, be prepared to reciprocate soon. Remember the boomerang effect and don't forget those who helped you soar high.

Training and yoga will benefit you. Take care of your health, spend more time outdoors, and don't be lazy. This week, you definitely shouldn't be sitting within four walls.


The tarot cards advise you to postpone all important matters. You may make a mistake if you trust the wrong person. Also, you should definitely not agree to move.

However, in your relationships with close people, pleasant surprises await you. The support and care that will surround you will be very timely.


Self-discipline and self-control will lead you to success in your professional activities. This will solve your financial problems, but you will have less time for entertainment than you would like.

However, sometimes it's worth sacrificing something. The tarot cards advise you to set priorities correctly and not to forget about your dreams. Act decisively and don't be afraid of difficulties.


You will receive an important sign. Destiny has decided to help you, but don't think that all problems will be solved without your participation. You will be able to find a way out of a difficult situation, but if you start walking on the edge of a knife again, all efforts will be in vain.

Try not to hit rock bottom. New opportunities will open up to you, it is important to just wait out the dangerous period and not rush with decisions.


This week you may be saddened by sudden expenses. However, do not regret money for solving problems, treatment, and helping loved ones. Savings for a rainy day are important, but it is unlikely that you can be prepared for everything 100%.

Be patient and respect the opinions of people who are close to you. It is not worth arguing and proving your point. Also, pay attention to your partner, perhaps they are offended by you.


Do not allow emotions to influence your actions. And if you realize that you are ready to tear and throw - take a break. Spend time with family and friends, it will help you restore harmony in your soul and joy.

You may receive unexpected news that could change your plans. Be prepared for changes, they will only lead to happiness.

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