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Tarot horoscope for July 2: Sagittarians to receive reward, while Leos will encounter challenges

Tarot horoscope for July 2: Sagittarians to receive reward, while Leos will encounter challenges Tarot horoscope for Tuesday (illustration:

On Tuesday, representatives of some zodiac signs will face difficulties. But for others, luck will be on their side.

What the Tarot horoscope promises for July 2 is revealed by Your Tango.


You drew the Fool card. It's time to trust fate and not try to change things on your own. Just let the situation unfold.


Your card for July 2nd is the Queen of Wands. Develop your intuition and remember to take care of your health. Dedicate this day to yourself, everything else can wait.


You drew the Page of Cups card. This means you'll feel empowered. Be cautious not to let it go to your head.


You drew the Hanged Man card. It's time to let go of what's holding you back from breathing freely. Allow yourself to live happily; it's much easier than you think.


You drew the Chariot card. Don't fear setbacks, as they will be followed by achievements. Try not to give up; the challenges are important tests.


You drew the reversed Temperance card. You often confine yourself within self-imposed limits. On Tuesday, you'll realize this was a mistake.


You drew the Three of Swords card. Today you may be offended, and you're unlikely to be prepared for it. Try not to let negativity consume you.


You drew the Knight of Wands card. It's time for new goals. Take on a task that seems challenging to you. Only then can you find your path to success.


You drew the Nine of Pentacles card. A generous reward awaits you, which will be a deserved gift for wise decisions. However, if you make mistakes, miracles won't happen.


You drew the Eight of Wands card. Prepare for unexpected events. Spontaneity will be the main theme of the day. Don't be afraid of adventures.


You drew the reversed Eight of Pentacles card. This means that on Tuesday, you should control your emotions if you're not ready to make changes. Conflicts with colleagues are possible.


You drew the reversed Death card. Fate is preparing grand events for you. You will hear news that will change everything.

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