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Tarot card horoscope for week: What to expect for each zodiac sign

Tarot card horoscope for week: What to expect for each zodiac sign Tarot horoscope for the week (photo:

The new week (from January 22 to 28) is preparing adventures and various events. Tarot cards promise happiness to representatives of some zodiac signs, but some should be prepared for health issues.

What the new week will bring is told by RBC-Ukraine with reference to Hindustan Times.


The week will offer you great opportunities for advancing your career. You may get a promotion or a bonus. Success will accompany you almost every day.

However, there is a risk that you will have to face some difficulties. It's not worth getting too upset; the end of January will not bring you major problems. Don't dwell on the negative.


You should focus all your attention on health and well-being. Also, be cautious in financial matters. Try not to neglect your health and avoid unnecessary risks, as well as refrain from impulsive purchases.

In your personal life, an idyllic situation awaits. Your significant other will surround you with warmth and care, preventing you from feeling sad or worrying about minor issues. Everything will pass, don't dwell on it.


The end of January and the entire week will be bright and eventful for you. You will receive many pleasant impressions and will be able to dive headlong into the whirlwind of love. Enjoy life and don't forget about work.

You will be able to showcase your talents and receive an interesting proposal. If you are ready for changes, consider moving or traveling. It will work to your advantage.


A huge success awaits you; get ready to feel like you're floating on air from happiness. Victories at work, harmony in your personal life, and luck literally in everything—you will definitely forget about sorrow and problems.

Don't sit still. Try something new and don't doubt your luck. You will be able to achieve whatever you want if you dare and take risks.


The new week will bring you confidence. You will realize that you have achieved stability and feel the ground beneath your feet. Display leadership qualities and don't settle for less.

In your personal life, a hurricane of passion will engulf you. You will enjoy relationships, receive gifts, compliments, confessions, and incredible adventures await you.


Considering everything, in the coming days, you will have to step out of your comfort zone and demonstrate your skills. Be strong and don't give up; don't let yourself down.

Soon you will understand that all challenges were given to you for a reason. Through them, you will learn to make the right decisions and find your happiness. Listen to your inner voice.


You're in luck; the week will seem incredibly calm to you. You will be able to relax and not worry about troubles. Go with the flow and don't take on too many obligations.

Try not to overload yourself with work. Allow yourself to rest and enjoy life. You deserve it.


Demonstrate willpower and resist adventures. Don't succumb to temptations, and don't listen to those who try to pull you down. Think about the potential consequences of momentary weakness.

Try to go through all the trials with dignity. If you manage not to fall face down in the mud, an incredible surprise awaits you at the end of the week. Believe in miracles, and know that any black streak eventually comes to an end.


A fateful encounter awaits you. It's not guaranteed that this person will be a new addition to your life. Perhaps you'll have a heart-to-heart talk and unexpectedly realize that you are ready to trust your heart to someone who has long been in your circle.

At work, you should demonstrate leadership qualities. Don't let competitors overcome you. Believe in yourself and don't be afraid to boldly speak about your desires.


You should consider whether you're getting enough rest and how much time you dedicate to your family. You may have become too absorbed in work. Try to restore balance.

Success will be nearby, so there's no need to worry or fear problems. The week will pass calmly and without worries. Focus on finding harmony.


A week full of bright events and impressions awaits you. You will feel free and independent, and in your personal life, happiness and harmony await you.

At work, you should showcase your creative abilities. You will succeed in implementing your ideas and achieving success. The key is not to forget to help those around you.


This week will be intense and diverse. It may happen that at one moment, you'll need to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

Pay attention to your health. Don't sacrifice sleep for entertainment; start eating right. Be ready for spontaneous trips.

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