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Switzerland joins EU's 13th Russia sanctions package

Switzerland joins EU's 13th Russia sanctions package Photo: Switzerland joins EU's 13th sanctions package against Russia (Getty Images)

Switzerland has decided to join the 13th package of European Union sanctions against Russia, according to the Swiss government.

On February 29, the Federal Department of Economics, Education, and Research (EAER), which is responsible for sanctions, decided to introduce additional sanctions against Russia.

Thus, Switzerland has joined the 13th package of European Union sanctions adopted in response to Russia's ongoing military aggression against Ukraine over the past two years.

It is stated that the EAER followed suit on February 29, expanding the Swiss sanctions lists under its jurisdiction to include a further 106 individuals and 88 entities and organizations.

Who exactly to face restrictions

Individuals, legal entities, and organizations that mainly work in the military-industrial complex of Russia and are engaged in the production of missiles, drones, anti-aircraft missile systems, and other military equipment have again come under sanctions.

The new lists also target Russian companies and private individuals who are engaged in the supply of defense equipment to Russia from the DPRK. Sanctions were also applied to so-called judges and officials from the occupied territories of Ukraine, as well as to individuals and organizations involved in the forced transfer of Ukrainian children.

Additional trade sanctions were put in place to further prevent Russia from buying sensitive goods and technology for the Russian military. These measures add 27 subjects to the ban on the export of dual-use goods and goods that can contribute to Russia's military and technological development.

The list of goods included in the export ban has also been expanded, now the sale and export to Russia of components used in the design and production of drones is prohibited.

13th sanctions package

On February 23, the European Union adopted the 13th package of sanctions against Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine.

Later, it was revealed that Russian governors, occupation "officials" and Belarusian representatives had fallen under new EU sanctions.