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Swedish parliament urges swift decision on supplying Gripen to Ukraine

Swedish parliament urges swift decision on supplying Gripen to Ukraine Photo: Sweden wants an immediate decision on the supply of Gripen aircraft to Ukraine (Getty Images)

The leader of the Swedish Center Party Muharrem Demirok wants an immediate decision regarding the country's supply of Gripen fighters to Ukraine, reports Aftonbladet.

Representatives of the Social-Democratic Labor Party also partially joined these demands. Demirok expects the Swedish Prime Minister to make decisions regarding the delivery of aircraft today.

It is noted that the Center Party has been insisting on sending planes to Ukraine for a long time, even before Sweden was accepted into NATO.

All opposition parties took a positive stance, except the Social Democrats with the caveat that Sweden must first join NATO. This was stated by party leader Magdalena Andersson in her speech at Sergel Square in Stockholm this weekend at a demonstration in support of Ukraine.

Aircraft can be quickly replaced

The message of the government and Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson was that they would take such a position on the issue of aircraft supplies only after joining NATO.

"If we know something about Ukraine, it is that dominance in the air will mean everything for the advancement of the front," Muharrem Demirok said.

The Swedish Air Force investigated whether the country could send aircraft to Ukraine, but the findings were classified.

Demirok said that the manufacturer of Saab JAS has openly stated that the company has several ready-made bodies, which means that it is possible to replace the aircraft that may be sent to Ukraine relatively quickly.

Gripen fighters

It should be noted that the Saab JAS 39 Gripen is a multi-role fighter of the fourth generation, which was developed with versatility in mind. Formally, it belongs to the fighter class, but in fact it is a multi-purpose aircraft capable of performing various tasks.

At the end of May, the Swedish government allowed Ukrainian pilots to undergo training on the JAS 39 Gripen fighter. They will be able to practice on simulators and make test flights.

The Office of the President reported that the transfer of Swedish Gripen to Ukraine should be coordinated with other countries, as well as with the supply of F-16.