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Swedish military aid to Ukraine and Russian troops' shelling of Kharkiv - Wednesday brief

Swedish military aid to Ukraine and Russian troops' shelling of Kharkiv - Wednesday brief Collage by RBC-Ukraine

Yesterday, on May 22, 2024, Sweden adopted a three-year plan to help Ukraine. And Russian troops have launched multiple rocket launchers at Kharkiv.

RBC-Ukraine has compiled the main news for May 22.

Russia's war against Ukraine: Latest

Sweden allocates over 6 bln euros for Ukrainian military support

The Swedish government has agreed upon a framework for additional military support to Ukraine totaling 75 billion crowns (over 6 billion euros) over three years.

The government announced that Sweden will support Ukraine as long as necessary.

With the new proposal, the total military and humanitarian support to Ukraine from Sweden to over 100 billion Swedish crowns (9.66 billion euros). Military support within Ukraine may take various forms, such as donations of defense equipment, financial contributions, and financial support for the purchase of defense equipment.

Depending on the type of support used, for example, whether it will be directed to replace purchases, the framework program may strain state finances for several years and even after 2026, the statement says.

Shelling of Kharkiv: Military Administration reveals footage of aftermath of strikes

As a result of yesterday's Russian strikes on Kharkiv, 12 people were injured. Law enforcement officials have launched an investigation into the violation of the laws and customs of war.

Around 13:50, Russian troops once again carried out air strikes in Kharkiv. A hit was recorded near the entrance to a cafe in the Shevchenkivskyi district of the city. Cars, residential buildings, a car wash, and shops were damaged.

"Ten individuals, including five men and five women, suffered injuries and acute stress reactions. Among them is a 55-year-old trolleybus driver who was near the explosion's epicenter. The man is in critical condition; both of his legs have been amputated," the prosecutor's office reported.

At the same time, in Kholodnohirsk district, an enemy air strike destroyed the buildings of a civilian enterprise that was not functioning during the full-scale Russian invasion. A 42-year-old woman working near the site of the enemy hit suffered an acute stress reaction.

Zelenskyy to head to France to request more Western help against Russia - Politico

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy plans to attend events commemorating the landing of Allied forces in Normandy, France. There, he will urge NATO members to shoot down Russian missiles over Ukraine, informs Politico.

The sources indicate that Zelenskyy may visit France as soon as next month.

"But Ukraine is also in desperate need of continued support and global attention, and the trip would give him time with world leaders — including President Joe Biden — to plead his nation’s case," journalists write.

Zelenskyy is expected to use this trip to call for greater military support from the West and to ask NATO to shoot down Russian missiles over Ukraine, as the United States and Britain did when Iran attacked Israel.

Speaker Johnson supports Ukraine's idea of striking Russia with American weapons

Ukraine should be allowed to wage war with Russia as it sees fit. And trying to to micromanage efforts is not a good policy, stated the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Mike Johnson.

Voice of America correspondent Katerina Lisunova told Johnson that his colleagues on the House Intelligence Committee had issued a statement urging the Biden administration to allow Ukraine to use American weapons against military targets in Russia.

She asked him if he would support such an idea, as Ukraine currently has American weapons, but there are restrictions on their use.

"I think, they need to allow Ukraine to prosecute the war the way they see fits. They need to be able to fight back," said Johnson.

He added that "trying to micromanage the effort there it’s not a good policy".