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Sweden joins drone coalition for Ukraine

Sweden joins drone coalition for Ukraine Photo: Minister of Defense of Sweden, Pål Jonson (Getty Images)

Sweden is joining cooperation on unmanned aerial vehicles for Ukraine, more commonly known as the International Coalition of UAVs, according to the Ministry of Defense of Sweden.

Sweden, along with other countries, will support the Armed Forces of Ukraine with drones through joint procurement. The program may also include systematic training.

Swedish Minister of Defense, Pål Jonson, signed the agreement to join the UAV coalition on behalf of Stockholm at the NATO summit in Washington.

"Drones have become an important part of modern warfare and are of great importance for Ukraine to be able to stop Russia’s attacks, primarily on the ground, and to gather information on the battlefield. Together with other countries, we will support Ukraine in the coalition on drones with regard to purchasing, procurement and drone pilot training," he stated.

The minister emphasized that Sweden's participation in the UAV coalition brings valuable experience and knowledge to enhance Sweden's defense capabilities in this field.

Drone coalition

The drone coalition has united allied countries to assist Ukraine in countering Russian aggression. One of the significant steps in this direction was the establishment of the drone coalition. This initiative involves the procurement and transfer of drones to Ukraine to enhance its defense capabilities.

It's worth noting that Danish Minister of Defense, Trine Bramsen, also signed an agreement on international cooperation in the field of UAVs.