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Sudden relationship breaks for Zodiac signs to spell happiness, not regret

Sudden relationship breaks for Zodiac signs to spell happiness, not regret Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

The transits of Jupiter usher in a new period in the lives of representatives from three Zodiac signs. They might break off relationships and cease communication with important individuals. But there's no need to fear. As it turns out, this will bring them great happiness in the future.

Who can expect unforeseen changes in life after December 7 reports Your Tango.


You may suddenly decide to end a long-term relationship, and it shouldn't scare you. The breakup will only bring you happiness. Eventually, you'll understand that there was no other way.

When this realization hits, you'll feel relieved. A wonderful and fulfilling period of life awaits you. Soon, you'll forget about the breakup and find your own happiness.


It's time for honesty with yourself. Don't cling to hope that relationships beyond saving will last a bit longer. A breakup is ahead, and you're ready to move forward.

Be grateful for the time spent with your partner. But it's time to release these relationships. Only then can you move on and find happiness. Believe it or not, it will knock on your door soon.


Emotional roller coasters await you. Perhaps the person you want to break up with won't let go. But fate will show you that you were right to burn bridges.

A new life awaits you. Joyous events are coming; don't dwell on what's done. When you can let go, that's when you'll finally find harmony and feel relief.

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