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Fire in Moscow: Three districts without water, electricity and heat supply

Fire in Moscow: Three districts without water, electricity and heat supply A substation is on fire in Moscow (Russian media)
Author: Maria Kholina

A fire broke out at a substation in Moscow, leaving three districts of the Russian capital without power and heating, according to Telegram channels Baza and Mash.

A substation on High Voltage Drive in Moscow caught fire, leaving residents of more than 20 high-rise buildings without heat and light.

"Several fire crews are working at the scene. The cause of the fire is still unknown," report the administrators of the Baza channel.

"Around 6 AM, a transformer substation on High Voltage Drive caught fire. It supplies power to buildings in Bibirevo, Otradnoye, and Medvedkovo districts, among others. The duration of the power outage and partial heating remains unknown; utility workers are trying to eliminate the accident as quickly as possible," Mash channel reported.

Photo: A substation caught fire in Moscow. Residents of more than 20 buildings are left without heat and electricity (

According to the administrators of the Mash channel, the temperature inside apartments has dropped to 10-15 degrees Celsius during the historically cold temperatures for the capital.

Currently, Moscow is experiencing a temperature of -24 degrees Celsius.

Fires in Moscow

In 2023, drone attacks became more frequent in Russia. Fires and explosions occurred as a result of these attacks in various regions of the country, including Moscow.

Earlier, we reported on a fire in Moscow at a hangar with diesel fuel covering an area of about 1000 square meters.

There was also information about a fire that broke out on the territory of the Moscow power substation Chagino. Reports mentioned thick smoke and a transformer explosion, as well as 120 liters of fuel.

It was also reported that Electrozavod factory was on fire in Moscow on December 7. The fire started on the first floor of the paint and varnish workshop located in the factory producing reinforced concrete products and metal structures.