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Stylist named bag that women over 50 forbidden to carry: Transform into a gray mouse

Stylist named bag that women over 50 forbidden to carry: Transform into a gray mouse This bag will ruin your image (collage: RBC-Ukraine)

Professional stylist and image trainer Melissa Lund revealed the accessory that women over 50 should permanently bid farewell to if they want to avoid looking like grandmothers. This item is almost a staple in every wardrobe.

Which accessory should be thrown away or donated, according to the Daily Express.

What accessory adds age

According to an expert, women over 50 who want to stay fashionable and not look older should permanently forget about a certain type of bag. This refers to a particular popular model that almost everyone wears.

And if it may suit a young girl, for a woman over 50, it is the worst option. Avoid the medium-sized black crossbody bag with a long strap. It ruins the entire image and makes you look like a gray mouse.

Стиліст назвала сумку, яку заборонено носити жінкам після 50: перетворитеся на "сіре мишеня"

This bag style is suitable only for 20-year-old girls (photo:

"In addition, this bag style can cause postural problems as well because women tend to crunch up their shoulder to keep the bag in place and nothing ages you quicker than poor posture," noted the expert.

How to choose a handbag for a 50-year-old woman

The stylist explained that giving up the black bag with a long strap doesn't mean you have to keep everything in your pockets. Choose another accessory that will refresh your look.

"To find the right colour, think about the neutral colours already in your wardrobe. If you use black as your neutral base, a black bag will be a great choice - just not the long strap version I talked about above," explained the style expert.

If you wear gray clothing, opt for accessories in black, chocolate, or burgundy. If your outfit is dark blue, pay attention to brown and burgundy bags, and don't be afraid of bright accessories.

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