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Strike on U.S. base in Jordan: Pentagon reveals new details

Strike on U.S. base in Jordan: Pentagon reveals new details Photo: UAV strike in Jordan marks first U.S. military death since October 2023 (Getty Images)

As a result of a drone attack on the Tower 22 military base in Jordan, more than 40 American soldiers have been injured. According to preliminary information, the attack is attributed to the Kata'ib Hezbollah group, which is supported by Iran, stated the Deputy Press Secretary of the US Department of Defense, Sabrina Singh during a briefing at the Pentagon.

"So on the number of injuries, right now, we assess that there are more than 40 that have been injured," she said.

Singh does not rule out that this number may increase, as many soldiers are complaining of concussion symptoms.

According to her, there is evidence of the involvement of the Kata'ib Hezbollah group in the attack on the debris of the drone. The group is funded and supported by the Iranian government through its military wing - the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The representative of the Ministry of Defense noted that it is currently unknown from where the enemy drone was launched and its type. According to her, the investigation is determining why the military did not recognize and destroy the drone in time.

Singh also clarified the information about the deceased American military personnel. They are 46-year-old Sergeant William Rivers, 24-year-old Specialist Kennedy Sanders, and 23-year-old Specialist Breonna Moffett. They were members of the 718th Engineer Reserve Unit.

According to her, the attack in Jordan is the first incident since October of last year in which American military personnel have died.

"So, from October 17th to January 29th, we are tracking approximately 165 attacks, that's 66 in Iraq, 98 in Syria and of course the one yesterday in Jordan. And on injuries, I am tracking approximately 80 US personnel have received non-serious injuries since the attacks began," Singh noted.

She added that as of today, the U.S. Department of Defense does not consider the incident in Jordan as a sign of the expansion of the war throughout the entire Middle East region.

Attack on U.S. military in Jordan

On Sunday, January 28, a drone attacked the U.S. military base Tower 22 in northeastern Jordan near the border with Syria. As a result of the strike, three military personnel were killed, and dozens were injured.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin threatened a response to the attack, stating that it would be considered at an opportune time and place.

According to Bloomberg, the response to this attack in Jordan may be more decisive than all other U.S. operations since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas war in the Gaza Strip.

Bloomberg suggests that Biden may strike Iran but is not interested in a direct confrontation with Tehran, which could pose a significant risk of escalating armed conflict in the region.