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Storm sweeps across U.S. - At least 4 died, thousands left without power

Storm sweeps across U.S. - At least 4 died, thousands left without power Storm sweeps across U.S. (Getty Images)

At least four people died, and many were left without power due to severe weather across the United States on Tuesday, January 9, according to NBC News.

The storms brought snow, rain, wind, and cold to various regions, affecting the Pacific Northwest, Plains, Gulf Coast, South, and Mid-Atlantic. Over 164 million people were under winter weather alerts, ranging from freeze warnings to tornado warnings.

Hawaii also faced challenging weather conditions, with flash flooding and high winds. More than 600,000 people from Florida to New York were without power, and multiple tornadoes were reported in Florida and South Carolina.

Fatalities occurred in Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina, with additional reports of injuries and property damage. The storm caused disruptions, including flight cancellations, school closures, and road accidents in snowy conditions.

The Pacific Northwest experienced another storm, and blizzard warnings were issued in Washington. Alaska's coastline anticipated blizzard conditions. Florida declared a state of emergency, and other states, including New Jersey and New York, prepared for heavy rain, high winds, and potential flooding.

Various areas, including Washington, D.C., New York City, and Boston, faced peak flood and wind impacts during specific timeframes. A state of emergency was declared in Suffolk County, New York, and New Jersey.

In December 2023, at least six people lost their lives due to tornadoes and powerful storms that swept through the state of Tennessee in the United States