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Storms and tornadoes kill six, injure dozens in the USA

Storms and tornadoes kill six, injure dozens in the USA Photo: in the USA, storms and tornadoes killed six people, dozens more were injured (Getty Images)

At least six people have lost their lives due to tornadoes and powerful storms that swept through the state of Tennessee in the United States of America, according to the BBC.

The natural disaster primarily affected the southern regions of the state. As a result, many homes were destroyed, and approximately 60,000 people were left without power.

Online videos depict overturned vehicles and trees uprooted from the ground.

Currently, at least six people are known to have lost their lives:

  • Three individuals died in the northern suburbs of Nashville, the state capital.
  • Two more adults and a child perished in the city of Clarksville, approximately 80 km northwest of Nashville.

Dozens of people have sustained injuries.

Mayor Joe Pitts of Clarksville has declared a state of emergency along with implementing a curfew.

"These are devastating news, and our hearts are broken for those who have lost loved ones. The city is ready to assist them in this difficult time," stated Pitts.