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Stoltenberg about idea to transfer Ramstein to NATO control

Stoltenberg about idea to transfer Ramstein to NATO control NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (Getty Images)

There is a need to provide a more reliable foundation for the Ramstein format and other initiatives by allies to support Ukraine. This will help ensure assistance to Ukraine in the long term, according to the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg ahead of the meeting of foreign ministers of NATO member countries in Brussels.

"I welcome the capability coalitions, the Ramstein format, many other multinational and bilateral initiatives, but there is a need to give this a more robust and institutionalized framework to ensure predictability and commitment for long haul," Stoltenberg said, noting that he would not delve into the details of this initiative at the moment.

NATO Secretary General also commented on the issue of a potential transfer of Ramstein under NATO control as a precautionary measure in case of Donald Trump's victory in the US elections.

"The United States is not the only supporter for Ukraine. Actually, European allies and Canada are providing roughly 50% of the military support to Ukraine. So this is really a shared effort by the United States and European allies and Canada. But of course, the United States is the biggest ally and is providing the most military support. And the fact that there has been no agreement in the US Congress on a supplemental or continuing this support has consequences," he said.

Stoltenberg emphasized that the issues with funding assistance from the US are one of the reasons why Ukraine has to limit the number of artillery shells.

"They have problems standing up against the Russian force with overwhelming military power because they are able to outgun them with more ammunition and more artillery," the Secretary General added.

He said that he has met with senators, members of the House of Representatives in recent weeks, and they all assured him that there is a significant majority in the US Congress supporting this idea. The Secretary General hopes that the US Congress will make a decision as soon as possible.

NATO Secretary General did not disclose details of the creation of a separate fund to support Ukraine by NATO in the amount of $100 billion, as previously reported by the media, emphasizing only that Ukraine needs more money.

Stoltenberg said that a final decision on these issues should not be expected today or tomorrow, at the current ministerial meeting, and a consensus could be reached by the next NATO summit in Washington.


Recently, Politico, citing European and American officials, reported that the Ukraine Defense Reform Group (Ramstein format) could be transferred under NATO control. A final decision is expected to be made at the NATO leaders' summit in Washington in July.

One of the reasons for this decision is the desire of Ukraine's allies to protect Ramstein in case of a possible presidency of Donald Trump.