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St. Petersburg factory caught fire: video

St. Petersburg factory caught fire: video Photo: St. Petersburg factory caught fire (Russian media)

A massive fire broke out in the Russian city of St. Petersburg on Saturday, September 2nd. A factory caught fire, reports Russian media.

A powerful fire erupted at one of the Russian cold storage facilities in St. Petersburg. The fire engulfed an area of 1400 square meters.

Russian media reports the fire is classified as the second level of complexity. Emergency services are working at the scene.

Meanwhile, from the footage published online, it is evident that the fire is quite extensive. A massive plume of black smoke is visible in different areas of the city.

Fires in Russia

In recent months, Russia has experienced a significant number of fires, often occurring in Moscow and other regions. Fires have become more frequent in ports, military facilities, factories, and so on.

Recently, a powerful forest fire broke out in the Russian resort town of Gelendzhik in the Krasnodar Krai of the Russian Federation. This is where the so-called "palace" of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is located.