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Special Operations Forces destroy Russian drone location and storage

Special Operations Forces destroy Russian drone location and storage Photo: Special Operations Forces fighters destroyed the place of storage of enemy drones (Getty Images)

Fighters of the Special Operations Forces destroyed the location and storage of a group of enemy drones. This happened in the Donetsk direction, according to the Special Operations Forces on Telegram.

Defenders noted that one of the groups of drone operators from the Special Operations Forces discovered a series of enemy targets during reconnaissance in the Donetsk direction.

In just one day, soldiers managed to destroy a storage of Russian ammunition, the location and storage of an enemy UAV group, and a retransmitter.

"All these targets were destroyed thanks to the skillful actions of our soldiers. Additionally, during the strike, 3 enemy units were neutralized," the report said.

Russian army losses

The Russian regime conceals its army's losses in the aggressive war against Ukraine. However, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russia has already lost over 416,000 soldiers on the front since the full-scale war began.

Just in the last day, our defenders eliminated 1,160 Russians and destroyed dozens of enemy vehicles.

It should be noted that Russian occupiers have intensified assaults on the front. In particular, the aggressors seized Avdiivka and some neighboring villages. However, the Defense Forces expelled the enemy from Orlivka and Krasnohorivka in eastern Ukraine.