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South Korea to impose sanctions on Russian ships for transporting weapons from North Korea

South Korea to impose sanctions on Russian ships for transporting weapons from North Korea Archive photo: South Korea to impose sanctions on Russian ships (Getty Images)

South Korea intends to impose new sanctions on Russian ships that deliver oil to North Korea and transport weapons back, states National Security Advisor to the President of South Korea, Chang Ho-jin.

He condemned the "comprehensive strategic treaty" signed during the summit by Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang on Wednesday.

"The government expresses grave concern and condemns the signing of the comprehensive strategic partnership agreement between North Korea and Russia, which aims to strengthen mutual military and economic cooperation," Chang stated.

The official also announced that South Korea will impose additional sanctions on four Russian ships, five organizations, and eight individuals involved in the transportation of weapons and oil between Russia and North Korea.

What else the Presidential representative said

Since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, 1,159 items have been subject to export control to Russia, and South Korea plans to add 243 new items, bringing the total number of sanctioned items to 1,402.

Chang Ho-jin said that it is "troubling" that North Korea and Russia, with their history of initiating the Korean War and the war in Ukraine, respectively, have pledged military cooperation based on a hypothetical preemptive strike scenario.

"This is a fallacious and irrational argument that disregards international responsibility and norms," he stated.

Putin's visit to North Korea

The Russian President recently visited North Korea and signed a comprehensive strategic partnership agreement with Kim Jong Un.

The White House referred to this as an "expansion of the partnership" and emphasized that Russia continues to build a coalition against the democratic world.