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South Korea responds to Kim Jong Un's threats with artillery drills

South Korea responds to Kim Jong Un's threats with artillery drills Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

South Korea must make North Korea feel that its reckless behavior will lead to its own destruction, says South Korean Defense Minister Shin Won-sik.

Shin made this statement after North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un labeled inter-Korean relations as those of "two states hostile to each other" and urged the intensification of preparation to ""suppress the whole territory of South Korea."

The Defense Minister also stated that it's a mistake to consider South Korea a partner for reconciliation and reunification.

"We must make North Korea feel in their bones that reckless provocative behavior threatening the Republic of Korea will soon become a prelude to destruction," Shin said.

South Korea conducted artillery exercises

Shin said that North Korea's provocative threats would continue into the new year, referring to the outcomes of the North Korean party meetings, and called for increased readiness.

"In this grave security situation, the military needs to strengthen its readiness posture to overwhelm the enemy. Only 'powerful strength' can maintain 'real peace,' not words, paper or vain delusion,'" he stated.

Additionally, South Korea conducted artillery exercises with live fire.

Approximately 330 service members of the 3rd Infantry Division's 3rd Artillery Brigade conducted about 150 artillery shots during training at the central frontline area, simulating a scenario where the adversary initiates fire provocations.

North Korea's military activities

It's worth noting that North Korea regularly asserts its indisputable status as a nuclear state and conducts regular ballistic missile launches toward the East and Yellow Seas.

During a New Year's meeting with army commanders, Kim Jong Un declared that North Korea would "without the slightest hesitation deliver a devastating blow, completely annihilating the enemy's capitals" using the entire available arsenal if the U.S. and South Korea choose the path of military confrontation against North Korea.

In August, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un urged the country's military leadership to better prepare for war.