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South Korea reports North Korea's test of hypersonic missile

South Korea reports North Korea's test of hypersonic missile North Korea likely conducted a test launch of a hypersonic missile (photo: Getty Images)

North Korea conducted a test launch of a missile on Wednesday, which exploded in the air. According to the South Korean military, the aerial target of their northern neighbors appeared to be hypersonic, reports CBS News.

According to an official spokesperson for South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff, North Korea conducted a missile launch early in the morning after Pyongyang sent another barrage of trash-laden balloons southward. This caused a three-hour halt in flights at Incheon Airport in South Korea.

Seoul asserts that the missile was launched from or near the North Korean capital, Pyongyang. South Korean and US intelligence services conducted a detailed analysis, added the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

A representative of the South Korean military stated that the test of a hypersonic-like missile failed. It flew approximately 250 km.

The South Korean official also noted that more smoke than usual emanated from the missile, raising concerns about potential ignition problems. He added that the missile likely used solid fuel.

The Associated Press reported that later, South Korea conducted military exercises along its disputed western sea border with North Korea.

Japan also confirmed the launch, with its coast guard stating that the missile fell into the Sea of Japan (East Sea).

What preceded this

It should be noted that earlier today, North Korea claimed to have successfully conducted a test on June 26 aimed at developing missiles capable of carrying multiple warheads simultaneously. According to North Korean state media, the test utilized the first-stage engine of a solid-fuel ballistic missile of medium to long range.

North Korean state media reported that the missile successfully separated warheads, which were accurately targeted at three designated objectives.