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Snowfall 'paralyzes' life in Argentina: Impressive footage

Snowfall 'paralyzes' life in Argentina: Impressive footage Snowfall in Argentina blocked traffic on some roads (photo:

A powerful snowstorm in Argentina has led to significant disruptions across the entire country.

RBC-Ukraine tells what is known about weather conditions and current problems of residents and guests of Argentina, as well as how to protect yourself from the consequences of such bad weather.

What is known about the bad weather in Argentina

According to information from the Pagina12, since last week, continental Patagonia has been experiencing bad weather - significant cold, heavy snowfalls, and occasionally strong winds.

The snowstorm in Argentina has led to:

  • an increase in road accidents
  • blocking of important transportation routes
  • power outages
  • communication and internet issues
  • halting of operations in some businesses

"An untimely snowstorm has caused accidents and blocked dozens of routes, creating queues of trucks and buses that must overnight in the open," journalists report.

"Some towns and villages are completely cut off from the outside world."

"For ranches and remote areas, they have no phone or internet connection. Their only means of communication is national radio, through which they receive messages to residents and important climate information," local media add.

Meteorological services in Argentina emphasize that such weather is anomalous for this time of year.

Local residents and visitors to the country are advised to:

  • exercise caution
  • avoid non-essential travel
  • follow instructions from local authorities

The country's municipal services are currently operating in enhanced mode to clear roads and restore electricity in affected areas.

Meanwhile, social media users are actively sharing footage of the storm that has "paralyzed" life in the country.

What to do in case of snow drifts

In case of snowdrifts and blizzards, guidelines provided by the Kyiv City State Administration and experts advise to take the following precautions to stay safe:

  • Keep the radio or television on to receive updates and follow instructions from local authorities.
  • Conserve warmth and use food supplies sparingly.
  • Leave the house only in exceptional circumstances and never alone.
  • Inform family members or neighbors of your whereabouts and expected return time when leaving the house.

If you have to travel by car during snowdrifts or blizzards, it's advisable to stick to main roads or highways.

If you find yourself stopped on the road in your car, it's important to:

  • Stay inside the vehicle and do not wander outside beyond visibility.
  • Signal distress with intermittent horn blasts, raise the hood, or hang a bright cloth on the antenna.
  • Avoid exiting the vehicle unnecessarily and wait for the assistance inside.
  • If you have enough fuel, you can leave the engine running (with the window open for ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning).

If you find yourself disoriented while walking outside of populated areas during severe weather conditions, it's important to:

  • Remain calm, conserve energy, and seek shelter where you can wait out the storm.
  • Enter the first building you come across and verify your location.
  • Wait out the blizzard indoors if possible.

Experts also emphasize the need to be cautious and vigilant when interacting with strangers, as incidents of theft from vehicles, apartments, and offices tend to increase during natural disasters.

If you become trapped in a building after the acute phase of the storm, it's crucial to carefully and calmly assess whether you can safely clear snow and exit using available tools and resources.

If you're unable to clear the aftermath of the storm and free yourself independently, you should try every available means to establish contact with rescue teams or any other individuals outside and inform them of your location.

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