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Snow and -9 Celsius in Ukrainian Carpathians

Snow and -9 Celsius in Ukrainian Carpathians Snow and sub-zero temperatures in the Ukrainian Carpathians (
Author: Maria Kholina

It is freezing in the Ukrainian Carpathians on the morning of Friday, November 24. Mount Pip Ivan is covered with snow, according to the Chornohora Mountain Search and Rescue Post.

"As of 08:15 AM, 24.11.2023, it is cloudy, foggy (visibility up to 20m), southwest wind, 10 m/s, air temperature -9°C, and snow is falling on Mount Pip Ivan Chornohorskyi," the report says.

У Карпатах падає сніг та мороз до -9 (фото)

Photo: Snow on Pip Ivan mountain (

The snowy season in the Carpathians started about a month and a half ago. Since then, temperatures in the region have mostly stayed below zero.

Weekend forecast

At the end of this week and the beginning of the next one, the situation will change in many regions, with snow and strong winds being expected. However, meteorologists note that such weather will not be everywhere. For example, the western part of Ukraine will mostly avoid heavy precipitation.

Overall, Ukraine is experiencing a widespread thaw. Significant warming is observed in most regions today, though it will not last long.

Meteorologists have warned that in the coming days, a significant deterioration of weather conditions is expected in several regions of Ukraine: ice, snowstorms, and an increase in snow cover up to 50 centimeters are reported.

December forecast

Meteorologists at the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center have revealed that the average monthly temperature in December 2023 is forecasted to range from 3 degrees below zero to 2 degrees above zero (4 degrees above zero in Crimea). This is 1-1.5 degrees higher than usual.

According to the forecast, the monthly precipitation is expected to be 34-79 mm in the mountains of Crimea and 81-105 mm in some places in the Carpathians, which is within the normal range.

Despite winter making its presence known, its official start will occur when the average daily air temperature stably drops below 0 degrees. The average date for this transition in Kyiv is set for November 29.