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Slovakia's Prime Minister wounded in shooting after government meeting

Slovakia's Prime Minister wounded in shooting after government meeting Photo: Robert Fico, Prime Minister of Slovakia (Getty Images)

A shooting occurred in Slovakia after a government meeting. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was wounded, according to, noviny, and Dennik N.

According to Slovak media reports, the shooting took place after an off-site government meeting in Handlová, Slovakia.

"I heard three or four shots. I saw how Fico was lifted from the ground. Later, the shooter was detained," said journalist Daniel Vrazda of, who was present at the scene.

The incident has already been confirmed by the Ministry of Interior of Slovakia.

Three ministers were evacuated from the scene of the shooting.

Reaction of the President of Slovakia

President of Slovakia Zuzana Čaputová has already responded to the shooting involving Fico. She condemned the "cruel and reckless" assassination attempt on the head of government.

"I am shocked. I wish Robert Fico strength in this critical moment to recover from the attack," she added.

Fico's condition

As reported by the Slovak media outlet Pravda, Prime Minister Fico sustained injuries to his abdomen and chest. His condition is severe.

Moreover, before the shooting, the attacker shouted to him, "Robert, come here."

Controversial Prime Minister of Slovakia

Robert Fico became the Prime Minister of Slovakia last year after his party won the parliamentary elections.

He is known for his controversial stance on aid to Ukraine. In particular, Fico decided to halt the supply of Slovak weapons to Ukrainian defenders.

Recently, Fico ridiculed the initiative of Slovak citizens to raise funds for the Czech initiative of artillery shells for Ukraine.

In particular, he noted that he has "nothing to say" to those people who donate money for shells for Ukraine instead of helping "cancer patients in Slovakia.