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Slovak PM ponders normalization of relations with Russia

Slovak PM ponders normalization of relations with Russia Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico today, on November 30, met with the Russian ambassador and began contemplating the potential normalization of relations with Russia, reports the Slovak government's page.

The Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico, today, on November 30, held a meeting with the US Ambassador Gautam Rana and the Russian Ambassador Igor Bratchikov at the Slovak Government building in Bratislava.

"I expressed to them my perspective on the development of Slovak-American and Slovak-Russian relations. The Slovak Republic is a member state of the EU and NATO, which naturally influences our foreign policy priorities. On the other hand, it cannot limit us in sovereign positions that do not always correspond to the policy of a single correct opinion propagated within the European Union," stated the Prime Minister.

Fico states that the priority of his foreign policy will be to protect and advance Slovak national and state interests, which include supporting peaceful initiatives rather than wars in Ukraine. Fico doesn't elaborate on what was meant by this.

The Prime Minister of Slovakia began to contemplate the normalization of relations with Russia

Additionally, Fico explains to the ambassadors his view on the war in Ukraine, where the strategy of the EU and the US, supposedly set up until now, is evidently 'failing.'

"Slovakia is also obliged to prepare for the period after the end of the war in Ukraine and for the normalization of Slovak-Russian relations," added Robert Fico.

Fico's stance on the war in Ukraine

The former right-centrist government of Slovakia firmly supported Ukraine and supplied military equipment, including combat vehicles, S-300 air defense systems, and MiG-29 aircraft.

On October 25, the leader of the Smer-SD party, Robert Fico, officially became the new Prime Minister of Slovakia. He stated that Bratislava would not support providing military assistance to Ukraine in countering Russian aggression.

Additionally, the Prime Minister considers the war as a frozen conflict that supposedly cannot be resolved by sending arms to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.