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Slovak PM expresses renewed interest in normalizing relations with Russia

Slovak PM expresses renewed interest in normalizing relations with Russia Photo: Slovak Prime Minister, Robert Fico (Getty Images)

Slovakia wishes for a gradual standardization of relations between European Union member countries and Russia, says the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico.

He stated that Ukraine could follow its sovereign path without external pressure. Fico mentioned that if Ukraine sees itself in the EU, it should be given that chance if it fulfills the conditions, and Slovakia would be happy to help.

In a somewhat cynical statement, Fico also mentioned that Russia needs security guarantees but did not specify what he meant exactly.

Normalization of relations with Russia

Fico believes that there is a need to return to the recent European rhetoric that the EU and Russia are, to some extent, interconnected and need each other.

"As the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic, I will not spread hostility towards any country in the world. I also desire a gradual standardization of relations between EU member states and Russia," he said.

Slovak government's position on supporting Ukraine

After the fall elections in Slovakia, government officials have repeatedly stated that they would cease the supply of arms to Ukraine but continue providing other forms of assistance.

Robert Fico, the leader of the anti-Ukrainian party Smer-SD, who became the new Prime Minister of Slovakia, has often voiced pro-Kremlin views and distinguished himself with pro-Russian rhetoric. He also considers the war in Ukraine a "frozen conflict" that supposedly cannot be resolved by sending weapons to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In late November, Prime Minister Robert Fico met with the Russian ambassador and began considering the possibility of normalizing relations with Russia.