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Slimming down for Christmas: Magical diet formula

Slimming down for Christmas: Magical diet formula Slimming up for Christmas: Magical diet formula (photo: Getty Images)

Christmas and New Year are coming soon, so many people want to prepare for the holidays and lose weight. But you definitely shouldn't give up food, because there is a more correct and healthy formula that will help you slim down. It was revealed by nutritionist Courtney Cassis.

How to eat for weight loss
Cassis emphasizes that all the myths about fasting and the need to give up "junk" food not only don't work but are also harmful to health. That's why she advises trying a special 90-30-50 formula.

"A minimum of 90 grams of protein, 30 grams of fiber, and 50 grams of healthy fats daily," the nutritionist explained.

She advises planning your meals and trying to calculate exactly how much protein, fiber, and fat your body will receive. It's not that hard, you just need to know the composition of the foods you eat.

Slimming down for Christmas: Magical diet formulaWhat to eat to lose weight (photo:

What is the secret of the "magic" formula?

According to the nutritionist, thanks to this diet, she lost 3 kilograms in a month, and her progress did not end there. At the same time, the woman did not starve and had the opportunity to eat a variety of dishes.

Cassis said that the "magic" formula does not only help to lose weight. It helps treat chronic diseases, fights hormonal imbalances, and is also able to influence blood sugar levels.

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It is important to take into account individual characteristics, physical activity, and specific body needs. Everyone should always consult a doctor or nutritionist before making significant changes to their diet.

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