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Simple leg massage to protect from varicose veins

Simple leg massage to protect from varicose veins How to do a foot massage (photo: Freepik)

Most people put a lot of strain on their legs every day. This poses a threat of developing varicose veins, where the veins expand, swell, and worsen blood circulation in the limbs. To relieve daily tension from the legs, you can do a massage at home.

A Ukrainian phlebologist Lina Grinshpun explains how to perform massage against varicose veins.

How to do massage against varicose veins

"While we're busy running errands, solving work or personal problems, our legs bear the brunt. Self-massage can help alleviate their condition and benefit our health," says the doctor.

Benefits provided by massage:

  1. Stimulates circulation in the legs, reducing feelings of fatigue and swelling.
  2. Reduces muscle pain caused by tension, overexertion, or prolonged walking.
  3. Improves mobility and flexibility of joints.
  4. Relaxes muscles, relieves stress, promotes relaxation, and enhances mood.
  5. Stimulates acupuncture points, which contribute to overall health improvement and well-being.

Sit down and stretch your legs

Place your left leg next to your right thigh near the knee

Press your right palm against the foot, lift it up with your left hand

Stroke the top and bottom of the foot simultaneously with alternating movements

Do not pause or lift your hands away.

Hang the sole slightly from the knee

With your right hand, grasp the ankle from behind

Massage its inner side in circular motions using your thumb

Rub the tendons upward from the toes with your finger.

Locate the tendons of the big toe and the index toe of the foot

Press between them using your index finger

Repeat the same with the other toes.

Return your foot to the thigh near the knee

You need to massage the sole using the thumbs of both hands

Perform circular motions, and use short strokes with intense pressure towards the toes.

Run your thumb along the inner side of the foot

With the thumb of your left hand, move along the inner side of the foot, performing a caterpillar-like motion

Move from the lower part of the arch of the foot to the big toe, then towards the metatarsal bones.

Massage each toe

Rub the joints of the big toe

Move from the base to the tip

Then, gently stretch each toe with a sliding motion

Grip them from the sides, then from above and below.

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