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Ship from Russia with sanctioned goods detained in Germany - Media

Ship from Russia with sanctioned goods detained in Germany - Media Archive photo: A ship from the Russian Federation with sanctioned goods was detained in Germany (Getty Images)

In the German port of Rostock, a ship from Russia was detained. It was found to be carrying sanctioned goods intended for delivery to the USA, reports Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The port authorities and sailors of Rostock reported that due to the presence of goods sanctioned by the EU on board, the ship received an order for detention from the customs. Therefore, leaving the port is prohibited.

The cargo ship, 193 meters long, flying the flag of the Marshall Islands, entered the port of Rostock for repairs on March 4 due to technical problems with the propeller. According to the authorities, damage was likely caused by ice movement. The source noted that the ship arrived from Russia.

Journalists found that the ship was headed to the USA and was loaded, among other things, with birch wood and enriched uranium for American nuclear power plants. The total value of the cargo is approximately 40 million euros.

Sanctions against Russia

Western countries constantly impose restrictions against Russia for its war in Ukraine and other malicious activities. However, officials believe that the sanctions already in place are insufficient and call for their reinforcement.

Earlier, Prosecutor General Andrii Kostin stated that pressure should be increased on the Russian Federation, including through the introduction of sectoral sanctions that would harm the aggressor's economy.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy also stated that Western countries need to strengthen sanctions against Russia. The missiles of the aggressor country, including Kinzhals, consist of dozens of foreign components.

Recently, the European Council called for stronger sanctions against the Russian Federation for its invasion of Ukraine. In particular, it is proposed to develop a new set of measures that would prevent the aggressor from bypassing sanctions through third countries.