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Shells for Ukraine: Slovak President announces participation in Czech initiative

Shells for Ukraine: Slovak President announces participation in Czech initiative Photo: Slovak President Peter Pellegrini (Getty Images)

Slovakia will assist in modernizing ammunition for Ukraine, purchased under the Czech initiative, announces Slovak President Peter Pellegrini.

The head of the Slovak state, at a joint press conference with Czech President Petr Pavel, noted that Bratislava provides support to Kyiv that is not often discussed. This includes, in particular, the supply of electricity.

Pellegrini also confirmed that Slovakia is participating in supporting the Czech initiative regarding the procurement of ammunition for Ukraine.

"We will make a significant contribution through our production capacities to the success of the Czech activities in purchasing ammunition," Pellegrini noted.

According to him, Slovakia has significantly increased production and repair of Western caliber ammunition.

"A significant portion of the ammunition collected by Czechia will eventually be restored and manufactured directly at Slovak plants," Pellegrini explained.

The head of the Slovak state also planned a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. It will take place either this week in Brussels during the European Council or at a future NATO summit in Washington.

Scandalous statements by Fico

Earlier, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico refused to participate in providing funds for a Czech initiative to purchase ammunition for Ukraine.

He also sharply criticized the initiative of Slovak citizens who started raising funds for shells independently. The Prime Minister argued that he has "nothing to say" to people who believe that ammunition is more important than "cancer patients in Slovakia".

It's worth noting that Slovaks raised several million euros for shells for Ukraine.