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Shahed attack in Odesa caused shutdowns and fire at energy facility

Shahed attack in Odesa caused shutdowns and fire at energy facility A fire at an energy facility was caused by a Russian aerial attack in Odesa (photo: Getty Images)

In Odesa, as a result of the falling debris from a downed enemy kamikaze drone by the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces, there was a power outage at a critical infrastructure facility, and a fire broke out, which was quickly extinguished, according to the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine.

The military clarified that there were no casualties.

In the operational command South, it was noted that the Russian occupiers directed their night drone terror from the Black Sea waters along the coastal territories of the southern part of the country.

"The air defense forces have effectively worked against all UAVs of the Shahed-131/136 type," the statement said.

More details about the combat work to repel the drone attack by the interventionists and the consequences will be reported by Ukrainian defenders in the morning.

Shahed attacks on Ukraine and explosions in Odesa

On the evening of February 27, Russian occupiers once again launched Shahed kamikaze drones against Ukraine. Air raid alerts were declared in several regions.

Later, around 22:50, explosions were heard in Odesa. Local authorities urged residents to take cover and not to film or share the air defense work, to observe information silence.

It should be noted that Russian terrorists regularly use Shahed kamikaze drones for strikes against Ukraine. Their main targets are often civilian infrastructure.

The latest such attack occurred overnight into February 27. In total, the enemy launched 13 drones against Ukraine. As a result of the air defense work, 11 Russian Shaheds were destroyed.