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Series of explosions occurred in Mykolaiv

Series of explosions occurred in Mykolaiv A series of explosions occurred in Mykolaiv (photo: Getty Images)

Several explosions were reported in Mykolaiv during the night of October 19. The city and the surrounding region have declared an air raid alert, according to Vitaliy Kim, the head of the Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration.

The head of the Regional Military Administration and the mayor of the city, Oleksandr Senkevich, reported two explosions that were heard in the regional center.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Air Force has issued a warning about the threat of ballistic weapon use in the eastern and southeastern regions.

Residents of the region are advised to remain in shelters until the air raid alert is lifted or to follow the "two walls" rule for safety.

Strikes on Mykolaiv

Russian occupiers have repeatedly shelled Mykolaiv, resulting in the deaths and injuries of innocent civilians in the city. The city experienced a significant number of shelling incidents during the occupation of the right-bank part of the Kherson region.

For example, on July 10, the enemy used a ballistic missile, the Iskander, to shell Mykolaiv, resulting in one casualty.

Additionally, on July 20, the Russians shelled Mykolaiv, leading to the tragic loss of one civilian's life.