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Secret of a 106-year-old woman's longevity

Secret of a 106-year-old woman's longevity What rules will help you live over 100 years (RBC-Ukraine Collage)

Katie McCrae celebrated her 106th birthday last month. She continues to enjoy life and considers herself happy. RBC-Ukraine shares the story of how Katie managed to reach such an age and the four habits that helped her become happy, referencing Business Insider.

Long-liver Katie McCrae was born near London in 1917 during the First World War. She left school at the age of 15 and started working as a secretary. In 1965, she moved to Australia with her husband because her son lived there.

Katie doesn't believe there is any special secret to why she has lived so long, but she advises people to live a full life—something she has always done.

After her husband's death, she spent 18 years in a retirement village, and in August 2023, she moved to a retirement home in Queensland. Katie McCrae is a member of the Centenarian Club, which organizes events for residents over 100 years old and collects their life stories.

"My advice to people is to live their life to the fullest, to smile, and just enjoy whatever comes your way," says the centenarian.

106-річна жінка дала чотири поради, як прожити довге насичене та щасливе життя

Katie McCrae celebrated her 106th birthday (screenshot)


"I love gardening and always have done since I was a little girl," MacRae said. "I would help my father when we moved into the new house. The street had a gardening competition for the whole road, and we won a prize when I was 12 or 13."

She continued gardening throughout her life, including planting all the plants in her care center for the elderly and winning the Best in Show competition for her English cottage garden.

Researcher Dan Buettner has mentioned that such an activity is particularly beneficial for longevity as it provides daily physical exercise, exposes people to vitamin D from the sun, and ensures fresh vegetables.

By the way, gardening is a pastime for many residents of Okinawa, Japan, where people regularly live to be 100 years old.


McRae regularly plays bowling, a game similar to lawn bowling or pétanque, and recently participated in a competition with other senior villages. She expressed hope that a bowling mat would soon be installed in her current residence, allowing her to engage more with other residents.

"Even people in wheelchairs can play," added Katie.

Regular physical activity is considered key to maintaining health, but it's not necessary to go to the gym every day to stay active. Older people engage in various activities such as walking, climbing stairs, and participating in group sports.

Work and occupation

McRae worked as a secretary for most of her life, both in the United Kingdom and in Australia. When she retired, she focused on the land she owned with her husband. Additionally, she took on the role of organizing the committee for seniors in her village, arranging shows, parades, and trips to the theater.

Mental activity support is considered a key factor in longevity, similar to physical exercise and healthy eating. Researchers argue that having work for as long as possible is a common factor among centenarians.

Keep smiling

"Recently, when I went to the supermarket, and someone approached me, I smiled just to see what would happen. They smiled back, and I did this several times. Suddenly, a woman stopped and said, 'I enjoyed talking to you,'" McRae shared.

She advises simply smiling, being happy, and enjoying life. Researchers have found that centenarians tend to seek the positive side, express gratitude for what they have, and actively nurture their relationships. Therefore, maintaining a positive mood is another key habit for longevity.

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