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Second oldest man in world reveals secret to longevity

Second oldest man in world reveals secret to longevity 111-year-old man reveals the secret of longevity (RBC-Ukraine's collage)
Author: Daryna Vialko

A 111-year-old man from South Africa has already outlived his ten children. Ben Ngemani Mabuza, or "Grandfather Ben" as people call him, is considered to be the second oldest man in the world, according to What's The Jam.

What is the secret of Grandfather Ben

“Every day I eat porridge, meat and morogo, a wild type of African spinach,” Ben said.

According to the man, he grew up on a farm and has been growing vegetables all his life. Since childhood, he has worked in the field.

According to the long-liver's documents, Ben was born in 1913. He may soon become a contender for the Guinness Book of Records. The title of the oldest man in the world was held by Juan Vicente Pérez from Venezuela, who was 114 years old when he died in April this year.

Пережив своїх 10 дітей. Другий найстаріший чоловік у світі розкрив секрет довголіття

Ben will soon turn 112 (screenshot)

The current record holder for longevity is the British John Alfred Tinniswood, born in August 1912, who is 111 years old but will soon be 112.

Ben has lived a long life, he had to say goodbye to several close people - he has been a widower for many years, and only two of his 12 children are still alive.

Now he lives with his two grandchildren, 44-year-old Neliswe and 27-year-old Makhosazane. Ben has forty grandchildren in total. Despite his advanced age, he is in good health.

“I have never been admitted to a hospital for a serious illness. It’s just my legs that are a bit troublesome,” said Grandfather Ben.

His family clearly has good genes - his younger brother Mooi is 99 years old.

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