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Scientists identify key factor for quality sleep

Scientists identify key factor for quality sleep Illustrative photo (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

Sleep plays a significant role in our body and its health. It is during sleep that our body rejuvenates itself, consolidates memories, and regulates hormones. And for quality sleep, it matters what we do during the day.

What factor is crucial for quality sleep is explained by RBC-Ukraine, according to an article in Sleep Health magazine.

Scientists from the University of South Australia have found that increasing physical activity during the day contributes to improved quality of sleep at night. The study used health data and physical activity records of 1168 children (average age 12 years) and 1360 adults (average age 44 years).

Researchers recorded when all participants were most physically active and compared this data with indicators of sleep quality. It turned out that children and adults with higher levels of moderate or vigorous daytime physical activity had less restless sleep, fewer nighttime awakenings, and reduced daytime fatigue.

Moreover, physical activity was associated with improved sleep efficiency - the amount of time spent in bed actually used for rest.

Scientists note that going to bed earlier and allocating extra time for sleep, on the contrary, often leads to more restless sleep.

"Sleep is often viewed as a separate entity from the 24-hour day. However, our study highlights the integral relationship between sleep and daily activities. Our findings suggest that the composition of our daily activities may have a significant impact on the multiple dimensions of sleep, emphasizing the importance of considering the integrated effects of time use," emphasized the researchers.

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