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Scholz named condition for his conversation with Putin

Scholz named condition for his conversation with Putin Photo: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (Getty Images)

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz did not rule out talks with Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin. However, this could happen under certain conditions, informs Tageszeitung.

According to him, it will make sense to speak with Putin "when the time comes."

"In any case, if Russia understands that a dictated peace will not happen, and Putin understands that he must stop his campaign and withdraw troops," he said.

The chancellor recalled that he last spoke with Putin by phone in December 2022 and did not rule out similar conversations in the future.

"Such conversations are useful when you feel you can change the situation. Currently, the Russian war speaks against this. I have had several conversations with Putin in the past, which were sometimes perceived critically. And I do not exclude further discussions in the future. At the initiative of the Ukrainian government, there are diplomatic efforts at the level of national security advisors, which also include countries from the global South - this is important," he noted.

He also reiterated his thesis that Russia should not win this war and that this war will not be short.

"We will have to supply weapons and ammunition to Ukraine for a long time," Scholz stated.

Putin-Scholz conversation

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz conducted a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on December 2, 2022. Then, among other things, the leaders discussed the war in Ukraine. At that time, Putin expressed dissatisfaction with the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine and "urged Germany to reconsider its approaches in the context of Ukrainian events," as well as attempted to "justify" strikes on critical infrastructure in Ukraine.

It should be noted that Scholz has repeatedly made statements about the war in Ukraine. For example, in June 2022, Scholz stated that Germany opposes a peaceful agreement between Ukraine and Russia on the terms of Russian President Vladimir Putin, as "only Ukraine decides in this matter." Prior to this, in May 2022, Scholz called on Putin to end the war in Ukraine and withdraw troops. And just recently, in April 2024, Scholz expressed confidence that Putin will end the war when he realizes that it is impossible to win it.