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Scholz, Macron, and Tusk to meet in Berlin to solve differences on Ukraine - Politico

Scholz, Macron, and Tusk to meet in Berlin to solve differences on Ukraine - Politico Photo: French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

French President Emmanuel Macron will travel to Berlin on Friday, March 15, to meet with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in an attempt to ease tensions over Ukraine, according to Politico.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk will join the leaders of France and Germany later in the day, according to a German official, marking the first meeting within the Weimar Triangle, a format of dialogue between the three countries since Tusk became Prime Minister of Poland again.

According to the leaders, the meeting should be a demonstration of unity after a tense period when disagreements over Ukraine turned into open hostility.

Long-brewing tensions began to boil over in late February when Macron refused to rule out the possibility of sending Western troops to Ukraine, vowing to do "whatever it takes to prevent Russia from winning this war."

A more cautious Scholz responded by ruling out the possibility of using European ground forces.

Rumors of Macron's conflict with Scholz

Recently, the American edition of Bloomberg reported on an alleged conflict between the leaders of France and Germany. In particular, according to the publication, this was manifested in one of Macron's speeches, during which he, alluding to Germany, reproached the allies who offered Ukraine only "helmets and sleeping bags."

The fact that Scholz and Macron do not get along was also acknowledged by close aides to the German chancellor in a conversation with Bloomberg. There, Macron is perceived as a monarchical figure who can only issue grandiose visions, not realize them.

The tension between the German Chancellor and the French President is causing concern among the German Social Democrats. Thus, Scholz's party warned that such a dispute is dangerous for Ukraine.