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Scholz and four EU leaders call for increased military assistance to Ukraine

Scholz and four EU leaders call for increased military assistance to Ukraine Photo: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Five EU leaders called for increased support for Ukraine. They wrote a joint letter of appeal to Ukraine's partners and allies, according to the Financial Times.

The letter of appeal was written by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen, Czech Republic Petr Fiala, Estonia's Kaja Kallas, and the Netherlands' Mark Rutte. They called for collective efforts to provide long-term support to Ukraine.

The politicians note that Ukraine's will to fight remains and is a source of inspiration for Europe. However, amid the ongoing conflict, problems are brewing, including a shortage of artillery ammunition, and military support commitments risk falling short of needs.

The letter says that the EU must renew its resolve and redouble its efforts to provide support only as long as it is needed. Today, the provision of ammunition and weapon systems, including howitzers, tanks, UAVs, and air defense systems, which are so urgently needed on the ground, is essential.

The leaders of the five EU countries also call for speeding up the supply of ammunition by transferring shells from EU member states' warehouses or joint purchases.

EU leaders emphasize that their ability to continue to support Ukraine's defense both in the winter and in the long term is crucial. Indeed, this is a matter of our common European security, and for Ukraine's brave soldiers, a matter of life and death.

February EU summit

On February 1, the European Council will hold a summit in Brussels. Ukraine expects that a positive decision will be made on the allocation of financial support of 50 billion euros under the Ukraine Facility program.

As a reminder, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is blocking aid to Ukraine. The EU has hinted that it has received a positive signal from Hungary regarding an aid package for Ukraine.

According to Bloomberg, Hungary has also changed its mind about blocking the creation of a €5.4 billion EU military fund for Ukraine.