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Save time on cooking: Lifehack that will help you store products correctly

Save time on cooking: Lifehack that will help you store products correctly How to properly store food in the freezer (photo: Freepik)

People often spend quite a lot of time preparing meals. Therefore, to streamline this process, it's worth making freezer meals, according to the TikTok page Organized.

How to store products in the freezer

These storage methods are best suited for products we often use for cooking. For such life hacks, you will only need zip-lock bags.

It's worth buying ground meat in bulk. To compactly store it in the freezer, transfer it to zip-lock bags, remove excess air, and evenly distribute into portions.

These bags are flat and won't take up much space in the freezer. And portions of ground meat are very easy to separate after freezing.

To save space with a jar of tomato sauce, you can also divide it into zip-lock bags.

This method of storing garlic will help save time on peeling and chopping. You need to peel several cloves of garlic, chop them, and distribute them into bags.

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Rules for storing food in the refrigerator

On the top shelf, only products that are ready to eat should be stored. Anything that you can grab and eat immediately is suitable for the top shelf.

On the middle shelf, you can store perishable items. You can also keep eggs, milk, or cream there.

The bottom shelf is intended for storing raw meat or fish.

In the refrigerator door compartments, you can store spices, water, vinegar, sunflower oil, sauces, and drinks. The door compartments are the warmest part of the refrigerator, so it's definitely not advisable to store products that need to be kept at low temperatures there.