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Save time and effort: 5 vegetables you must have in freezer

Save time and effort: 5 vegetables you must have in freezer What vegetables to freeze for the winter (photo: Freepik)

Freezing food is one of the most popular ways to preserve it. It's always convenient to have a bag of frozen greens, vegetables, fruits, or berries on hand. It's worth knowing which vegetables should always be in the freezer, according to the Martha Stewart website.


Because peas are so small, they thaw quickly. You can add them directly from the freezer to any dish.

If you prefer to thaw peas first, you won't have to worry about them releasing excess water into the dish during thawing.


You can add broccoli to pasta dishes to make them more nutritious and satisfying. You can add frozen broccoli to the pot of boiling pasta water during the last few minutes of cooking, then drain everything together.

Frozen broccoli also makes a great side dish. There's no need to thaw broccoli before using it—just toss it with olive oil and any seasonings you like, then roast it in the oven.


Frozen corn is considered versatile. Sauté it with butter, salt, and pepper, and you'll have a tasty summer side dish (no need to thaw the corn beforehand).


Spinach is another versatile frozen vegetable that's always handy. Since spinach has a high water content, be sure to squeeze out excess moisture after thawing.

Young spinach with tender leaves is ideal for preserving. It's best to choose spinach from the first harvest, picked before it starts flowering. This greenery won't be bitter.


Frozen carrots are convenient to add to stir-fries. To preserve the properties of frozen carrots, it's important to use airtight packaging. They are usually packed in polyethylene bags. You can also store them in containers, plastic cups, or molds. Vacuum bags are ideal.

Frozen vegetables, fruits, and berries can be stored without affecting their taste for 8 to 12 months. Afterward, they may lose color.

Do not refreeze products! This is because they not only lose their texture but also practically all beneficial substances.