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Russians threaten Ukrainians in occupied territories for refusing to vote for Putin

Russians threaten Ukrainians in occupied territories for refusing to vote for Putin Photo: Russian elections in the occupied part of Kherson region (illustrative photo by
Author: Liliana Oleniak

In the occupied part of the Kherson region, Ukrainians are being demanded to vote for Putin. In case of disagreement, the Russian invaders threaten Ukrainian citizens with reprisals, according to RBC-Ukraine's article "Elections at gunpoint: How Russians force Ukrainians in occupied territories to vote for Putin".

According to the head of the press office of the Kherson Military Administration, Oleksandr Tolokonnikov, employees of the so-called CEC, together with armed Russian soldiers, are making house-to-house visits, where they offer to put a tick for Putin in the ballot in a non-alternative manner.

According to him, people understand what this decision may result in the future (if they refuse to vote - ed.).

Either you sign a piece of paper or you endanger yourself and your family, and in a week the FSB may come to you with inspections and searches and take you to the basement. People realize this. No one turns away (while a person is voting - ed.), there are no options to vote for someone else because there will be problems," Tolokonnikov says.

He says that due to the lack of people, CEC commissions in the Kherson region are forced to "tour" from community to community.

"The early elections lasted from February 27 to 29, then they moved to the Henichesk community, which indicates that they have very few collaborators who agreed to organize these elections, so they are stretching them out and making them early. They have created several brigades with election committee workers, Tolokonnikov says.

So-called elections in Russia

In Russia, the presidential "elections" will last three days - from March 15 to 17, 2024. On December 8, Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin officially announced his intention to run for re-election.

According to Reuters, in this case, Putin will be able to remain in power until at least 2030. Moreover, the press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, has already stated that Putin will be re-elected with 90% of the vote.

At the same time, as previously reported by the DIU, the Armed Forces are preparing for various scenarios at the front. Right up to the vote, the enemy will take an active position on the battlefield, continuing to search for imaginary victories and using propaganda, including the IPSO in Ukraine.