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Russians stole nearly 4 mln tons of Ukrainian grain

Russians stole nearly 4 mln tons of Ukrainian grain Russians stole nearly 4 mln tons of Ukrainian grain (Getty Images)

Russians have already stolen more than 3 million tons of grain within temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, excluding the territory of Crimea, according to the National Resistance Center of Ukraine.

"In the temporarily occupied territories, excluding the Crimean peninsula, 3.7 million tons of Ukrainian grain were stolen," the statement reads.

According to the NRC report, out of this quantity, 1.4 million tons were stolen in the Zaporizhzhia region. All this grain is robbed by the Russians from farmers, who are forced to sell their products at fixed prices many times lower than market prices. Then the grain is resold to enterprises related to occupational administration and sold at market prices in Russia itself.

"Everyone involved in the theft of grain will be held responsible in accordance with the Ukrainian laws," NRC notes.

Russia illegally exports Ukrainian grain from the occupied territories

Russian forces, along with affiliated groups, are stealing agricultural products in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

Just last year, Russia exported dozens of ships filled with grain from the occupied regions of Ukraine, and the profits were directed toward financing the war.

While investigating these crimes, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) uncovered two "ministers" in occupied Crimea who are assisting in the theft of Ukrainian grain from the temporarily occupied territory in southern Ukraine.