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Russians kill 14 and injure 46 in rocket attack on Odesa: Casualties increase

Russians kill 14 and injure 46 in rocket attack on Odesa: Casualties increase Photo: The number of killed and wounded due to the Russian attack on Odesa has increased dramatically (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Russian massive attack in Odesa on March 15 killed 14 people and injured 46 others. March 16 was declared a day of mourning in the city and region, according to the head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, Oleh Kiper.

"As a result of the Russian missile attack, 14 people were killed, including residents, a medic, and a rescuer," he says.

In addition, according to him, 46 more people, including seven employees of the State Emergency Service, were injured.

"The victims are being provided with all the necessary assistance. All relevant services are eliminating the consequences of the enemy attack. Law enforcers are recording another crime of the Russians. Mourning will be announced in Odesa and the region tomorrow," adds Kiper.

Russian shelling of Odesa

Russian troops launched a massive missile attack on Odesa around noon on March 15, and explosions were heard in the city. The Ukrainian Air Force warned of missiles being launched in the direction of Odesa.

Later it became known that the Russian occupiers had attacked rescuers and medics who had arrived at the scene after the first series of explosions. Later it became known about 20 wounded people, five of whom were employees of the State Emergency Service. One of them was killed.

Currently, the number of victims and injured continues to grow. Previously, eight people were reported killed and more than 30 injured.

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