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Russians kill emergency workers in missile attack on Odesa

Russians kill emergency workers in missile attack on Odesa Photo: Russians fired missiles at Odesa on March 15 (illustrative photo by GettyImages)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

As a result of another Russian missile attack on Odesa, emergency workers were killed. There are also reports of wounded medics and rescuers, according to the head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, Oleh Kiper.

"Unfortunately, a paramedic and an employee of the State Emergency Service who arrived at the scene after the first explosion to assist were killed as a result of a Russian missile attack," he writes.

According to Kiper, there are also seriously wounded among the medics and rescuers. The total number of victims is being clarified, and all are being provided with the necessary medical care.

Russian occupants launched a missile attack on Odesa on March 15. It was reported that there were casualties as a result of the attack.

Explosions in Odesa

Today, after 11 a.m., explosions were heard in Odesa. As a result, an air alert was declared in Odesa and the region.

Later, the network reported repeated explosions in Odesa.

The Ukrainian Air Force warned of missiles flying in the direction of Odesa, as well as the threat of ballistic missile attacks on the southern regions.

Chaotic shelling by Russian Federation

The Russian occupiers have recently been conducting targeted attacks on the Odesa region from tactical aircraft. Thus, in recent weeks, the Russians have fired several missiles from aircraft in the Black Sea region. Often, Russian missiles did not reach the target or were destroyed on approach.

The Ukrainian military emphasizes that Russians continue to use targeted missile strikes to test and reconnoiter Ukraine's air defense.