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Russians dropped explosives from drone in Beryslav, one person killed

Russians dropped explosives from drone in Beryslav, one person killed Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

A local resident lost his life today, January 30, in the town of Beryslav in the Kherson region due to a Russian drone attack, according to the press service of the Kherson Regional Military Administration.

The Russian drone dropped an explosive, resulting in the fatal injury of a Beryslav resident.

"The Russian army once again attacked Beryslav using a drone. A local resident suffered fatal injuries due to the explosive dropped. The victim was 35 years old," reported the administration.

Attacks on Beryslav and the region on January 30

Earlier today, Russian invaders carried out an airstrike on the Beryslav district in the Kherson region. The intervention targeted residential buildings in two settlements, one of which struck the Point of Resilience building.

At that time, the administration reported that, according to preliminary information, no local residents were harmed as a result of these hostile attacks.

Shelling of Beryslav and the Kherson region

Russian occupiers regularly shell the liberated right-bank part of the Kherson region, utilizing artillery and aviation for their attacks. Unfortunately, due to constant strikes, innocent civilians in the region continue to lose their lives.

As previously reported, on January 29, the Russian army conducted an airstrike on Beryslav in the Kherson region, causing damage to a multi-story building. Before that, on January 28, occupiers dropped an explosive on a civilian man in Beryslav.

Prior to these events, on January 27, Russian terrorists also attacked Beryslav with drones, resulting in the death of a civilian.