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Russians deport Ukrainian adolescents from Kherson region to Russia

Russians deport Ukrainian adolescents from Kherson region to Russia Photo: Russian war criminals deported Ukrainian teenagers from a boarding house in the Kherson region to the Russian Federation (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The Russian invaders continue to deport Ukrainian teenagers from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine to Russia, reports the National Resistance Center of Ukraine.

Russians recently took children from a psycho-neurological boarding house in the temporarily occupied Kherson region to Penza, namely to the boarding house "Dom Veroniki".

The move was overseen by the children's ombudsman of the Russian Federation Maria Lvova-Belova, who is wanted internationally for the deportation of Ukrainian children.

There are not only orphans in boarding schools, many children have guardians and even parents. In most cases, children are taken without consent even though these teenagers have relatives in the territory controlled by Ukraine.

"The removal takes place with the aim of further assimilation of children and the destruction of an entire generation of Ukrainians. Everyone involved in this crime will be held accountable," the National Resistance Center of Ukraine emphasizes.

Deportation of Ukrainian children to the Russian Federation

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russia has been deporting Ukrainian children to the temporarily occupied Crimea, Belarus, or remote regions of Russia on an ongoing basis.

The deportation of Ukrainian children became the reason for the fact that in March the International Criminal Court in The Hague issued an arrest warrant for the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and the Commissioner for Children's Rights in the Russian Federation, Maria Lvov-Belova, due to the illegal deportation of Ukrainian children.

Ukraine confirmed that the Russians illegally deported 20,000 Ukrainian children. However, the real figure is much higher. And the occupiers continue to take away Ukrainian children from the temporarily occupied territories.

For example, on June 28, it became known that the occupiers in the Zaporizhia region planned to take about 300 children "on vacation" to the Chuvash Republic of the Russian Federation.

In addition, Russia has created at least 70 camps where deported Ukrainian children are forcibly "re-educated".

It is worth noting that Ukraine manages to return deported children from the Russian Federation home, but this process is quite time-consuming.