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Russians accepted war in Ukraine and are not trying to pressure Putin

Russians accepted war in Ukraine and are not trying to pressure Putin Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Russian citizens are adapting to life in the conditions of war unleashed by their dictator, Vladimir Putin, in Ukraine. Surprisingly, they are not protesting against the invasion or the deterioration of their quality of life, according to Bloomberg.

While Putin prepares to take the oath for another six years of presidency, the invasion has become a part of daily life for many Russians, debunking expectations that the pressure of international sanctions and deepening isolation would ultimately turn them against him. Instead of protesting, many rally around the flag.

The Kremlin is leveraging the largest European conflict since World War II to reshape Russia, blending fervent nationalism with a potent mix of nostalgia for Soviet times and imperial traditions, while intensifying the suppression of dissent.

As a result, Putin feels little internal pressure to halt hostilities, despite significant military losses, posing a challenge for American and European allies of Ukraine who seek to raise the cost for Russia of prolonging the war, now entering its third year.

Elections in Russia

The elections in the Russian Federation were condemned by all EU countries, not least because they took place on occupied Ukrainian territory. They also pointed out the lack of transparency in the voting process, violations during the vote count, and the absence of political competition due to the Kremlin regime's prior imprisonment of Alexei Navalny, Putin's only real opponent.

The dictator's unlimited rule was specifically ensured by amendments to the Russian Constitution.

France has decided to send its ambassador to Putin's so-called inauguration, which is set to take place today.

Furthermore, seven other EU countries purportedly plan to participate in the inauguration of the Russian dictator by sending their representatives.