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France to send its ambassador to Putin's inauguration - Reuters

France to send its ambassador to Putin's inauguration - Reuters Photo: Russian Presidewnt Vladimir Putin (

France has decided to send its ambassador to the so-called inauguration of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, which will take place on May 7th, Reuters reports.

According to the source, France's decision signals a potential rift within the Western camp with several countries, particularly mentioning the Baltic states, staunchly against granting any form of legitimacy to Putin and potentially undermining Ukraine in its war with Russia.

"France will be represented by its ambassador to Russia," a French diplomatic source reported.

According to the source, Paris had previously condemned how elections were conducted in Russia.

Presidential elections in Russia

In March, so-called presidential elections took place in Russia, in which Vladimir Putin emerged victorious. Now he will govern the country until 2030.

Moreover, Russians managed to organize the so-called elections in the occupied Ukrainian territories. This was condemned by many partner countries of Ukraine.

Today, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that they will not recognize the legitimacy of Putin's presidency in Russia.

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