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Russian woman detained in Lviv for marrying a Ukrainian to avoid deportation

Russian woman detained in Lviv for marrying a Ukrainian to avoid deportation Russian woman marries Ukrainian to avoid deportation from the country (illustrative photo: Getty Images)

A Russian citizen who entered the country illegally planned to marry a Ukrainian in order to avoid deportation, according to the Migration Service of the Lviv region.

According to the authorities, the Russian woman initially ignored the fact that her legal residence permit in Ukraine had expired. Subsequently, she decided to arrange a sham marriage in Odesa in order to stay in Ukraine.

Migration service officials apprehended her in Lviv and placed her in the Volyn Temporary Detention Center for Foreigners and Stateless Persons to ensure compliance with the decision of forced expulsion beyond the territory of Ukraine.

In October, the woman was forcibly deported from Ukraine and prohibited from returning for 8 years.

SRG (sabotage and reconnaissance group) at the border

On October 12, an enemy SRG attempted to breach the Ukrainian border in the Sumy region with the intention of infiltrating a critical infrastructure facility. Facing resistance, the Russian individuals withdrew with casualties. The DRG consisted of eight members.

Prior to this, on October 11, the National Resistance Center had warned that special units from the main department of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces had arrived in the Belgorod region to organize diversions on Ukrainian territory from the side of the Sumy region.

Furthermore, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are actively fortifying the northern borders of Ukraine in preparation for a potential offensive from Belarus.