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Russian volunteer units appeal to Putin, name condition for negotiations

Russian volunteer units appeal to Putin, name condition for negotiations Russian dictator Vladimir Putin (photo: Getty Images)

Today, on March 16, fighters of the Freedom of Russia Legion, the Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC), and the Siberian Battalion issued a joint appeal to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. The volunteers voiced a condition for possible negotiations.

Representatives of the volunteer units noted that fighting has been going on for several days in the border regions of the Russian Federation, but the Kremlin is trying to block the evacuation of residents, in particular, because of its intention not to "darken" the picture of the pseudo-election process.

"Vladimir Putin, the whole world has been watching for several days now as the Russian city of Belgorod, as well as Belgorod and Kursk regions, have turned into a zone of active hostilities. At the same time, the administration you appointed, despite our repeated appeals, is preventing the evacuation of civilians," the statement reads.

The volunteers emphasize that because of this, "civilians continue to suffer and die solely because of the ambitions of the Kremlin leader."

"We urge you to stop this circus, think about the fate of innocent Russians, and allow the evacuation of civilians from the war zone. Your elections have long since turned into a complete farce. Stop forcing ordinary people to participate in your performance at the polling stations under bombs and artillery fire," the RDC, FRL, and Siberian Battalion say.

The fighters point out that Putin has long lost his legitimacy, and "under the current circumstances, even the appearance of an election process has disappeared."

"It is obvious to everyone that Russia needs immediate and fundamental changes," the joint statement says.

According to the volunteers, the need for "a profound transformation of the government's relationship with the people, a frank conversation about new fair social rules" has long been overdue in Russia.

"If you are ready to discuss the future of our country without dictatorship and authoritarianism, we, for our part, are ready for such a conversation. If you still have the courage and responsibility, please contact us in a way that is convenient for you," the statement reads.

Volunteers raid into Russia

On March 12, volunteers from the Freedom of Russia Legion, RDC, and Siberian Battalion, who are fighting on the side of Ukraine, broke through the Russian border. These volunteer battalions entered Kursk and Belgorod regions from the territory of Ukraine. Later, the soldiers took control of the village of Tetkino in the Kursk region of the Russian Federation.

On the morning of March 14, residents of Belgorod complained about strikes and Russian media reported an alleged breakthrough of the subversive group in Belgorod region. Heavy fighting was also reported in the village of Kozynka.

On March 15, Russian volunteers issued an urgent message announcing a massive attack on military targets in the city of Belgorod and urged locals to immediately take cover and not go outside until the attack was over. Today, on March 16, fighters from the Freedom of Russia Legion and the Siberian Battalion warned of their intention to launch a massive attack on military targets in Belgorod and again asked locals to take cover.

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