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Russian strike on Epicenter in Kharkiv - Number of victims sharply increased

Russian strike on Epicenter in Kharkiv - Number of victims sharply increased The aftermath of the Russian strike on Epicenter in Kharkiv on May 25 (photo:

In Kharkiv, the death toll from yesterday's Russian bombing of the Epicenter hypermarket has more than doubled, according to Oleh Syniehubov, head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration.

As of this morning, it is known that 11 people have died. Last night, the confirmed death toll was five. Additionally, 17 citizens were reported missing, and dozens were injured.

"Unfortunately, the number of dead at Epicenter has increased to 11," the official wrote on his Telegram early in the morning.

Russian airstrike on the Kharkiv Epicenter

On Saturday, May 25, around 2 PM, Russian occupiers launched bombing attacks on the Epicenter hypermarket. At that moment, about 200 people were inside the building.

For this attack, the Russian army used aviation, with two KAB bombs striking the Epicenter. Throughout the day, the number of casualties grew, and by the evening, it was known that five people had died as a result of the shelling. Additionally, about 40 people were injured.

Late in the evening, the Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor's Office reported that, according to police, 17 citizens were considered missing at that time. The prosecutor's office also released a video showing the Russian airstrikes hitting the hypermarket.

This Russian attack was sharply condemned by foreign officials and organizations, including reactions from the United Nations. Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský urged not to be swayed by tales of peace following Russia's strike on Kharkiv.

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